Golf Course Brief Description

Robert Trent Jones II who is good at adjust measures to local conditions and design different golf course according to different geographical environment, elaborately designed the 18-hole PGA standard golf course and sign for it. Total fairway is 7300 yards. We started to construct form May 2004 and trial operated on September 2005, we opened on July 2006. RTJ and his team fully in charge of the whole process to make sure inheritance of his design essence and every detail perfected. Golf Course's wild and grand integrated planning's changed the flat and featureless of Anting with ups and downs fairway line. Took using and returning to nature as guiding thought, RTJ made the golf course full of challenge and aftertaste but also fairness to show golf sport sprite by adding certain difficult on based landform and lakes with his rich experience and unique design idea.

Finally the full-length practice facility will allow for shots ranging from the driver to the pitch shot, and incorporates a full range of target greens for the golfer's convenience. The practice putting and chipping greens allow the members to hone their short game skills and along with the 18-hole putting course, can provide an enjoyable golf experience for those not wanting to venture far from the comforts of the clubhouse or resort.